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Asian Rhinoplasty in Sydney and Melbourne

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13 Things/Supplies to Get Before Your Rhinoplasty

So your #rhinoplasty procedure is right around the corner, what better way to keep you prepared than to have everything in place before the big day.

Aside from preparing yourself physically, psychologically and financially for this surgery, it is also important to organize the practical stuff that you will need everyday, as you prepare for the immediate recovery period, which can be a very challenging phase.

Therefore, it is important that everything is set, so that all you have to do later on is to concentrate on recuperating.

Here is a list of things that you need to prepare before your surgery.

1. It is expected that you will be given a postoperative medications, which includes antibiotics and analgesics. It would be smart to fill your prescriptions before surgery.

2. Arrange for someone to drive you from the hospital and care for you for the first 24-72 hours. This is when you will be most vulnerable, so having someone around will surely be a great help as it prevents stressing you out prematurely.

3. You might want to buy a whistle, a bell or a walkie-talkie to make it easier for you to call for help.

4. Have the telephone near your bed, so that it would be easier for you to call in case of emergencies, and to avoid getting out of bed if someone decides to give you a ring. You might want to turn off the ringer when you are sleeping so that you can rest uninterrupted.

5. Another way for you to have a good rest while recuperating would be to block out the windows.   This allows you to sleep easier during the day.

6. Have a recovery kit around which contains thermometer, dressings, antibacterial soap and gauze. This will make things more organized and within reach.

7. It would be wise to have eye drops ready because surgery and medications used during the procedure can leave the eyes to be dry.

8. Prepare homeopathic therapies like Bromelain or Arnica Gel. These will help you deal with the swelling and bruising. But before you buy them, make sure that you check with your doctor first because some would opt their patients not to use it.

9. Have a stock of cold compresses in the fridge. This will be very helpful in lessening the swelling and bruising significantly.

10. Prepare and freeze meals that are good for two weeks. You might want to stick to soups, protein shakes, juices and soft meals for the first few days to make it easier on your facial muscles. You might also want to stack up on easy to eat snacks like crackers. It is also good to load up on foods that are good sources of proteins because this can be very good for healing.

11. Have extra pillows ready because you will be asked to elevate your head during the first few days after surgery. This prevents swelling and lessens the degree and length of time for bruising.

12. Obtain your doctor’s post-operative protocol days before your surgery so you can properly prepare for it.

13. You might want to have a bath chair prepared in the shower. Some people can get a little dizzy standing after lying in bed for quite some time.

You have to know that these are just general instructions. Each surgeon have their own protocols that you have to follow.

If you have more questions, you can ask any of the surgeons at Esteem Cosmetic Studio in Australia. We can give you a lowdown on the important details and professional advise. You can visit our website for more information. 

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